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Flirt Review 2023

Flirt Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 74%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 18-24
Profiles 950 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 9.9
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Simple and fast signing-up process
  • Multiple chat options
  • Ease of use
  • Has a wide user base
  • Compatible with mobile desktop adaptation
  • Has no mobile app
  • Limited features for standard members
  • There have been complaints about profile quality

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Flirt: Getting Started

Ever since we were little, we’ve been told or seen from movies that the ultimate goal is to find your perfect partner, settle down, have kids, and grow old together. Seem perfect right? Well, think again. In this Flirt review, we will delve into this topic from a different angle.

When we grow older, some will want something different and exciting. Well, it may seem a bit complicated, but with the growing demand and use of online dating sites, it has become easy to find casual relationships or dates just with a touch of a button.

Flirt.com is the perfect place to be where you will find like-minded individuals looking for a bit of fun. The dating site was established in 2009, emerging as one of the most popular sites for singles looking for casual hookups and relationships.

You may wonder, Is it truly legit? Does it work? Or Is it like any other dating site that will scam you out of money? Well, don’t worry. For this Flirt review, we have a thorough discussion about everything there is to know. By the end of this post, you’ll know what the site is all about. So, let’s get to it!

Flirt: Getting Started

Find Out Whether Flirt.com is Legit or Scam

The website is specifically designed for people who are looking for a fun and enjoyable experience. The site admin takes 24 hours to approve all the profile information, which ensures that only real profiles are on the site reducing chances of being scammed or fraud.

The site also allows its users to report members if they notice some suspicious activity or notice a profile is of questionable character for immediate action to be taken. After signing up, there is an e-mail verification that further enhances the security and privacy of all community members, which plays a vital role in ensuring that the users on the site are real and authentic.

Flirt has been since 2009, which further underlines its legitimacy as it’s used by millions of people worldwide, which means that users have full trust and confidence with the site.

It’s important to note that just like any other dating site, there are bound to b a few fake profiles or spammers that might sip through, but members can rest assured that the site admins have strict safety and privacy regulations.

One issue that we note, there are a few profiles that use photos of celebrities, a feature which is prohibited. Users have also reported receiving messages and videos from women with no profile photos in a ploy to make them upgrade their accounts. However, considering the things we have mentioned above, we can confidently conclude that the site is 100% legit.

Let’s move on with this Flirt review!

Find Out Whether Flirt.com is Legit or Scam

The Way Members Are Structured

The membership structure of Flirt is diverse. There are a lot of people from different walks of life and culture.

The site has approximately more that one million users worldwide, a decent percentage of users come from every continent, further boosting your chances of finding a loved one. Three hundred thousand members on the adult dating site come from the United States. Below is a key detailed statistic of the demographic info:

  • United States – 26.59%
  • Poland – 17.30%
  • Turkey – 11.61%
  • Romania – 5.81%
  • United Kingdom – 4.79%
  • Remaining percentage – 248 other countries

From the above data, you can tell a large user base come from the United States, so we can say that members who come from the U.S have a better success rate when looking for a one-night stand or casual relationship. The online dating site has a high member activity with approximately 80,000 active users weekly.

When it comes to gender proportion, it’s somewhat balanced; 60% of members are men, and 40% are women.

The Way Members Are Structured

Sexual Orientation

In this Flirt review, we need to mention that the site’s main objective is fun and enjoyment, and there is no better way of doing that than by being open and diverse. Flirt.com doesn’t discriminate based on sexual preference. The adult dating site is ahead of the pack as it offers dating services to users of all sexual preferences, straight, gays, lesbians, bisexual, transgender, or queer.

All are allowed to successfully register and use the site to find their ideal partner who will complement their needs and preference.

What’s The Age Distribution?

The site has a strict age policy; users aged 18 years and above are allowed to register on the site; most users are aged between 20-35 years old.

A detailed age structure of its members is as follows:

  • Age between 18-24, 15% are females while 10% are male
  • Age between 25-34, 30% are female while 14% are male
  • Age between 35-44, 10% are female whereas 8% are male
  • Age between 45-54, 5% are female while 8% are male

The Registration Process and Login Information

Account registration on Flirt is a simple and quick process. It will take you approximately 2-3 minutes to successfully create your account. One of the things that impressed me the most regarding registration is the fact that a few details are required.

Users will be required to fill in a personal data form regarding your gender, the gender of the person you are looking to meet, and postal code. The zip code is not verified, which allows users to create an account with a zip code of their choice.

The next step will be providing your e-mail and preferred password, note that the e-mail must be active and valid as activation will be done through it. For security purposes, Flirt will send you a one-time activation code, which you’ll be required to manually input for your account to be live and active.

The site doesn’t waste a lot of time on boring and long questions with regards to your personality. Users are asked to answer basic info such as ethnicity, hair color, and body type.

Let’s move on with this Flirt review!

Everything to Know About Profile Creation

According to the site, all profiles have to be verified by getting in touch with flirt operators for the safety of users. The creation of profiles is very vital as it will be the first thing that millions of potential matches will see.

The profiles on Flirt are a bit limited. At the top of the profile is your profile picture; besides, it is the username, location, age, and gender. The website recommends that users say a little bit about themselves in the bio, their hobbies, likes, interest, favorite food, music, entertainment Tand so much more. The profiles can be changed or edited later on, making it attractive and catchy after you’ve signed up.

It’s vital to make your profile detailed and comprehensive, always make sure you upload the best photo that mimics your personality. Always remember that each photo upload has to be approved by admin. Flirt profiles will remain invisible until you upload your picture.

The Messaging System

Flirt has two main key features in which users can initiate contact with a member they are interested in. The first feature is sending winks, and the second is messaging. After successfully registering on the platform, new users will be given five free chats, which can be in turn used on five members. For male users, the response they get will be locked and deleted after 24 hours unless they upgrade their accounts.

As for women, they can reply to messages for free even if they have a standard account. When you receive a message from a suspicious user, you will promptly receive a notification that the person is being monitored for anti-spam or scam activity.

However, the site stresses that users should practice a good sense of judgment and common sense when it comes to interaction with other members. The site also has a ‘like gallery,’ which is the same as a roulette-type matching activity. A profile photo will be displayed, and you can either tap on the heart icon or ‘X’ to signal that you aren’t interested. On the same page, you will be able to view all the as you’ve sent and the users who have liked your photo. Additionally, you can also see successful matches. Let’s continue with this Flirt review now.

The Messaging System

Using Various Platform Variations

Flirt adult dating sites strive to provide their users with convenience, enabling them to access their favorite dating sites with ease using either their mobile phones or desktop.

Desktop Version

Flirt has a colorful and simple design that’s quite similar to other dating sites making it easy to browse through all the profiles or navigate through the site. There is a search function that will match you accordingly with other users depending on your taste and preference. The desktop version is quite easy to use, making it suitable for people of all ages, no wonder the site has a decent number of users who are 45 years and above.

Mobile App

One of the major drawbacks of the adult dating platform is that it doesn’t have a mobile app, with most dating sites coming up with their mobile apps. Flirt is lagging, but there is room for improvement.

However, the good news is; you can still access your account via your mobile phone version through your favorite browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Opera Mini or Mozilla, etc. It is ensuring you are always connected even while on the go. The mobile browser version has all the features and menus, just as the desktop version. The only difference is it’s a bit compact and structured, making it easy to access all the features with ease.

Key Details on Design and Usability

The main website design is simple and straightforward, allowing for easy and seamless navigation. The header menu has two main features, ‘Like Gallery’ and ‘Search.’ At the ‘Search Page’ it has search features located at the top of the page which are then followed by three tabs namely: ‘New members,’ ‘Online Now’ and ‘All Members;

All users’ profiles are displayed in a grid profile, and it indicated whether members are online o not. For new members, they will have a red “New” text mark. Beneath every profile photo is the user’s name, age, and proximity of their location. Additionally, there is also two buttons: ‘Chat’ and ‘Wink’ for quick interactions.

One the right section of the header menu, there is a bold green ‘Upgrade now’ button allowing their members to upgrade their accounts. For ease of interaction, there is a chat icon that will take you straight to the inbox.

Navigating through Flirt doesn’t have too much tapping or swiping, all the menus and conveniently located throughout the screen for easier access or browsing.

There is a bell icon that displays all your notifications on the right section of the chat button, in case of unread notifications a red bubble icon will appear, so you don’t miss out on every interaction or communication. There is a collapsible menu that takes you straight to your profile and account settings on the furthest right. Let’s move on with this Flirt review!

Navigating Through the Site

Flirt Costs

Registering on Flirt is free, but it comes with a catch. Free/standard membership comes with few features which may limit your interaction with other users. However, those who want to access multiple and special features have to pay a premium subscription, which makes communication more social and interactive.

The prices of premium membership are as follows:

  • 28.80 USD / Month for one month
  • 16.20 USD / Month for three months

For those who are still not sure about a monthly subscription, there is a 3-day trial period that costs $4.23 that will provide you with insights, look and feel of premium accounts.

Comparisons Between Paid vs. Free Access

For non-paying members, they are somewhat limited but can do the following:

  • Account registration and profile creation
  • Sending winks
  • Addition of users to ‘favorite’ list
  • Replying messages

For premium members, they should expect the following:

  • Unlimited chats
  • Viewing big photos
  • The ‘Looking for’ information is displayed
  • Extended search
  • Premium customer support
  • Sharing photos and videos in chat

How to Pay Easily

To purchase or upgrade your subscription, users should follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the account settings menu
  • Choose your preferred subscription duration
  • Key in your payment information
  • Click ‘accept’ to complete your payment.

Payments Systems

When it comes to payment methods, the dating platform is limited as they only offer credit card payments via American Express, Visa, or MasterCard.

On your credit card statements, payments will be displayed as “fenums.com.” The site also provides a customer satisfaction guarantee, which you can claim if your website will not meet your expectations.

What to Know About Safety and Security

The site has stringent safety and privacy policies for its users, but the stress members are ultimately responsible for their site’s safety. Profile information has to be approved by a Flirt admin, which ensures all the platform members are real, and they are who they say they are.

The site has a ‘Safe Mode’ feature that limits members who can contact or interact with you. There are three types: ‘Off,’ ‘Basic,’ and ‘Full.’ The ‘Full’ feature only allows verified members to contact you, ‘Basic’ allows all users to contact you except those who have been labeled suspicious while ‘Off’ remove all limitations when it comes to contact.

For anti-scam protection, users might be asked to verify their identity, confirming they are genuine and real, further enhancing the security measure set-out. The site also enables its users to report or block other members if they find them offensive or inappropriate.

What to Know About Safety and Security

Are There Any Special Features?

Flirt offers a raft of special features to its members, making interactions lively and enjoyable. There is a limit to using these features for free users, while for premium members, there is no limit.

These special features include:

It’s a roulette-type matching that displays members’ profile photos, and members can ‘X’ or ‘heart button.’ Beneath this feature is a section that shows your matches, members who’ve like your photo, and users you’ve liked.

Flirt Cast

It’s a useful feature that allows you to send identical messages to your potential matches with one simple click. Members can only use this feature once every 12 hours.

Video Uploads

To show their personality or character, users can upload a 30-second video providing deep insights about themselves.

Request More Info

For members with incomplete profiles, you can tap on the ‘Request More Info’ button, which, in turn, will send a notification to the user that you’ve requested her or him to complete their profile.

Final Conclusion

Flirt is a fun and enjoyable dating site for women and men to find a one-night stand on casual partners, which can result in either long-term or short-term relationships. The site provides users with multiple ways of getting in touch with potential matches.

The site offers a simple and fast registration process; for those looking for something exciting, Flirt will get the job done. So, what are you waiting for, sign up now?

All in all, we hope you enjoyed this Flirt review!

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