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SilverSingles Review 2023

SilverSingles Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 60%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 700 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 8.4
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free registration.
  • Access to profiles of other members on a free membership plan is allowed.
  • Most profiles are genuine and valid.
  • Sight is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Only premium members are allowed to view images.
  • Most members are beyond 50 years.
  • Free subscribers can not access the chat system.

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SilverSingles Dating Site

The advent of digital transformation has brought about dynamics in the dating scene across the globe. Notably, this SilverSingles review highlights varied aspects about how you can land a suitor vie SilverSingles hookup. Comparatively, traditional dating used to pose serious challenges, especially in sourcing for the right partner. Online dating sites, in this case, offer a broader spectrum in dating that helps users select soulmates from a pool of databases readily available on the system. SilverSingles dating, in this case, is among the best dating websites offering first class dating services to potential users in the United States and beyond. This SilverSingles review highlights varied aspects of dating services provided by SilverSingles dating sites in a bid to inform prospective clients about how it operates.

SilverSingles Dating Site

About SilverSingles Dating Site

SilverSingles hookup boasts of being among top ranking dating sites in the United States of America, connecting lonely hearts in Europe and beyond. Through affordable membership plans, users can access a myriad of packages that suit their needs. The majority of members on the platform are 50-year-old individuals though younger members are allowed to sign up. The site caters mostly to American clientele through open to users across other countries around the world. Critical aspects of the dating site are that majority of the members are older and either divorced or widowed. However, most of these users are sourcing for another shot at serious relationships, hopefully, to get a suitor for companionship through their sunset years. In this case, the SilverSingles dating site plays a critical role in spicing up the love life of aging members, mostly from the United States, by helping them connect with the right soulmates.

Is SilverSingles Dating Site a Scam?

The site gets slightly over 50,000 signups every week and matches over 2000 soulmates every month. SilverSingles is one of the most trusted platforms among the old folks in America due to its reliability and strict registration requirements, which involve verification of all premium members. Read through other sections of this SilverSingles review to get more insight into why it is the most preferred dating site among most Americans or prefer very interesting Happen app reviews.

About SilverSingles Members

SilverSingles hookup site enjoys a huge member subscription of up to 50,000 per day, including linking up over 2000 couples per month. Though the dating site has members spread across the world, the majority are aging the United States of America residents.

Sexual Orientation

SilverSingles dating doesn’t cater to same-sex relationships. The majority of the members subscribe to get partners from the opposite sex. This is because most members here are either widowed or divorced. The majority of users on the SilverSingles hookup platform are sourcing for probably older partners for long term relationships.

Age Distribution

Most members on the platform are above 50 years though a few members are slightly above 30 years. Most of these young members sign up on SilverSingles to date the older folks. However, the majority of the members are women.

How to Sign Up on SilverSingles Dating Website

How to Sign Up on SilverSingles Dating Website

This SilverSingles review indicates various steps undertaken during sign up. The website has a simple and easy signup process though members are exposed to a mandatory personality test. Personality tests include up to 100 questions. Some aspects of the personality test include responding to questions on personal traits, hobbies. These questions are meant to give a clear picture of what members are all about. After that, members are required to upload profile pictures along with responding to a further set of seven questions. Most of the responses to the questions are then supposed to reflect on member profiles. Members can either opt to skip the billing part or subscribe for varied packages on the website, depending on the preference while creating a profile. Signing up on SilverSinglesis a simple process. You simply have to fill in details about gender and the gender you are looking for along with an email address and password you intend to use on SilverSingles platforms. After registration, potential members are taken through personality questions that they have to answer. Some details asked about in the personality test include personal traits, character, personality, outlook, and habits. The answers are in multiple-choice formats, consisting of 100 questions. After completion of a personality test, you are required to upload a photo and answer seven questions. The seven questions ask for a free written answer, which will be displayed on your profile. When the registration process is complete, you are redirected to the billing page, which you can choose to skip.

Profile Creation

The process of creating a profile is simple. After signing up, upload your profile picture, enter the necessary information, and boom you are good to go. Depending on either you are going for a free plan or a paid plan, you can always update your profile on the platform to access more features. After creating a profile, follow all the details highlighted on this SilverSingles review to get a clear picture of how the platform operates.


An excellent communication channel is critical in any communication cycle. Useful communication messages in this regard are essential in ensuring members can link up and get to know more about each other. Messaging in this aspect ensures users can exchange contacts and become more familiar with each other through using varied channels of communication. SilverSingles, in this case, has an active communication channel that ensures members get message notification directly via their phones or email. SilverSingles mobile offers a perfection option where members access the SilverSingles hookup services via an app. This keeps the conversation going, which puts members on alert, increasing their chances of screening, and making choices according to their preferences. Members on the premium package are given more priority on the site’s messaging system. Free members have limited access to sending and receiving messages; instead, they are allowed only to send emojis like a smile. In this regard, premium members receive message notifications either through the phone or email address provided during sign up. However, members have the option of turning off message notifications. Premium members on the SilverSingles hookup platform enjoy a priority of receiving varied match suggestions according to their preferences. Search filters are available on the site where users can easily adjust their search filters based on age, geographical location, set favorite lists, and various features that might suit them.

Platform for Use

The services can be accessed both via a desktop and an app installed on the phone. This offers the option of accessing the services on either platform. SilverSingles dating website provides more efficient access to dating services; especially to the older members making it easier to access more comprehensive and detailed information about the Silversingles’ mobile option supplements. Though only limited to premium members, mobile access is one of the unique features that SilverSingles dating platform uses to ease communication among members. Read through the following areas highlighted on this SilverSingles review to get a glimpse of various operational procedures on the SilverSingles dating platform.

Platform for Use


The desktop version of the SilverSingles services is accessible via the website. The site is user-friendly hence gives users a more exciting aspect of the services.

SilverSingles Dating App

SilverSingles dating has the option of using an app. The app is compatible for use both on the desktop and mobile. The app is downloadable for free and compatible with iOS and android versions. The app supplements excellent services offered by SilverSingles dating website. The app is available for only premium members. SilverSingles mobile application has greatly enhanced how users interact on the platform.

Design and Usability

Website design is critical in ensuring clients access information about a service offered by a firm. An excellent website theme complete with an attractive theme color plays magic in inducing users to scroll through the site to get detailed information. With a more competitive online dating scene flooded with several websites from all corners of the world, the need for an attractive website design that appeals to the target audience remains paramount in luring traffic and getting conversions. SilverSingles dating site has a lovely and easy-to-understand design that suits the needs of users. The fact that it targets the majority 50 plus years old members, site fonts have bigger fonts to ensure the majority of these aging members don’t have problems with reading the content. The pomp and color used in the design are meant to look attractive to users, mostly old folks. Well, the display of varied features are well-organized on the website to allow users to access details on various profiles easily. The site has an attractive color that is pleasing to the eye of the older generation. This design offers an appealing aspect to create an exciting, simple environment for the users.

SilverSinglesSite Navigation

Proper website format dramatically helps users to easily navigate the site in a bid to access various services. SilverSingles has a great site design more comfortable to navigate across multiple pages and profiles. Due to proper search engine optimization on the site, the site is well optimized, faster-loading speed, and easier to navigate. The intuitive buttons on the SilverSingles website make it easier to access various features without the hassle of waiting longer for various functions to load. Members can easily access search filters and other options with ease.

SilverSinglesSite Navigation

SilverSingles Dating Site Fees

The billing aspect in dating sites is a critical element that users contend with. With several dating sites offering varied costs on online platforms, the need to set a standard fee based on market rates can not be underestimated. SilverSingles dating offers a cheap affordable billing cycle for users ranging from a period of 3 to 12 months. The platform has two billing options for users: Premium Classic & Premium comfort.

Fees are as follows Premium Classic

  • Three months subscription 113.85 USD
  • Six months subscription 131.70 USD

Premium Comfort

  • 12 months subscription 239.40 USD

Free members have limited access to various features on the SilverSingles dating platform. Comparatively, premium members are given more priority through access to diverse features that include messaging and chat systems. Unfortunately, free members on the SilverSingles dating platform are only allowed to send emojis to members rather than the likelihood of opening communication with any of the members. Premium members get message notifications via the phone and email, which increases their chances of landing their preferred soulmate. However, premium members also get assistance through getting profile options of members with their matching qualities to help them in making a choice.

Additionally, premium users are the only members allowed to view photos of other members in addition to having access to the site’s app. In this case, free members can not see the profile picture of members nor use the app to access the platform. Free membership plan also caters to your dating needs though nothing much can be achieved via such an option. Either way, free members are allowed to add members to their favorite lists, send emojis, get match suggestions, and access to member’s profile information. This means the options are limited compared to premium membership; hence the need to upgrade to a paid plan can not be underscored. This will increase the chances of a member to get a preferred soulmate faster than the hustle of sending emojis, and nothing much happens. In most cases, members on premium underestimate members on free plans, which makes it more complicated to interact with other members freely. In other words, premium members have an advantage over their peers who have free membership plans. These members have unlimited communication restrictions to all members, including seeing all members who visit their profile and 20 extra wildcard matches every day. The fact that they enjoy a priority of accessing a mobile app makes it more convenient for them to link up with other members throughout either through the desktop or mobile devices.


Payment Options on SilverSingles Dating Site

How do members pay for a subscription on the SilverSingles dating site? The site has varied payment options for users. Users can pay for a subscription either through credit card or PayPal.

Safety & Security

Safety and security in the digital era are paramount on any online platform. Some individuals sign up on various platforms with different intentions. Though some are genuine, a few sign up to hunt for individuals and end up abducting, raping, or either soliciting for ransom. Therefore, the need to ensure safety and security of members can not be underscored. In this regard, SilverSingles dating has put in place stringent profile screening measures that allow the credibility of all members. This applied through a system where users have a response mechanism to user complaints that disables suspicious users. Other measures include profile verification, where users are asked for identity details to verify their profiles. This helps in getting rid of suspicious accounts. Contrary to other illegal online dating sites, SilverSingles has put in place proper measures that adhere to their user rules and regulations where members who violate get their profiles terminated. Singles shopping around for a reliable dating website should, therefore, try SilverSingles to seek out their loneliness without the hustle of facing random strangers that you might not have an idea about. Proper documentation of member details first-hand information about their background offers a head start for potential suitors to research and verify the authenticity of the member before opting to strike a strong bond with one another.

Safety & Security

Does SilverSingles dating have a scam?

Online scam is a primary concern across the globe. Most individuals around the world grapple with online fraud in one way or another. The online dating scene is flooded with uncouth individuals who venture into the system to execute their ill intentions as opposed to dating. Lack of proper verification systems for credible websites is the central concern among several online users. This can not be ignored since various entities come up with different intentions. SilverSinglesplatform, on the contrary, has varied security and screening measures that ensure credible members are allowed on the platform. With such stringent standards, the platform has never experienced any cases of scam. In other words, the SilverSingles dating platform is a credible place that offers real-time solutions to loneliness by providing a platform where members can interact and win the love of their life. Having been in operation for a couple of years without any complaints from members makes the site a good fit for users. SilverSingles use PayPal as a payment option, which makes it difficult for users to lose money during subscriptions. PayPal is one of the largest reliable and safest online payment platforms across the world, commanding millions of online transactions across the globe. Members who feel insecure can utilize PayPal to make a payment on the system. This SilverSingles review showcases how with PayPal, members can launch a dispute or ask for a refund since PayPal offers strict user and serious buyer protection policies that protect buyers from losses that might be incurred in the process. Opposed to other unscrupulous platforms with questionable payment details, SilverSingles offers the safest payment methods that guarantee members value for their money without the worry of being scammed.

Special Features

SilverSingles dating site offers a unique aspect of signing up where members are taken through a personality test and get ratings. Through the personality tests, members are matched according to how they score on the personality test. The test usually entails 100 questions conducted at the initial stages of signing up. The personality details are therefore used on the profiles of members. This makes it easier to link them up with other members that share the same personalities. The system offers a wild card option for premium members. In this case, premium members on SilverSingles dating platform get up to 20 wild card matches every day, which increases their chances of landing their preferred matches. Contrary to other online dating platforms, SilverSingles dating allows free members to send emojis to members. This offers a more exciting experience without the worry of never being able to send any type of information to any member. This makes the dating site fairer to the masses. Additionally, the SilverSingles dating website has been designed in a more attractive way, which appeals to older members. Site fonts are as well larger compared to other dating sites, which makes it more intuitive to their target population majority 50 years and above. The option of using an app in the process offers an alternative for members who might not have access to a desktop. All these features make SilverSingles online dating appear more appealing to those aspiring to source for a partner via a dating site.

Special Features


SilverSingles dating site offers first class dating services to individuals hoping to rekindle their lost hope in getting a partner. Through SilverSingles, you are assured of your preferred soulmate through the utilization of varied features on the platform. Free membership is also allowed, though, with limited access to the site features. Are you based in the united states of America, over 50 years old, divorced, or widowed? Worry no more. SilverSingles is here to assist you in getting a suitable loving and caring partner that will give you companionship. This SilverSingles review varied aspects of how SilverSingles dating site is helping thousands of individuals to land a suitor of their choice.opt for signing up on SilverSingles dating site to land to start a journey of sourcing for a soulmate. The platform relieves you the hustle of wondering how to go about the process of screening for the right partner through providing access to thousands of members on the database. So, older members are catered to through easy-to-understand features, pomp, and the color of the website, along with the option of accessing the services via an app on the phone. On premium subscription, members get message notifications via email and phone along with the ability to directly chat with me, members of their choice. Notably, a SilverSingles hook up strategy of integrating Mobile application has transformed how members relate to the platform. This gives it a unique approach that is appealing to premium members.

Additionally, notification about various profile matches sent to members help them compare and select soulmates based on their preferences. SilverSingles is, therefore, a one-stop dating platform that not only guarantees you value for your money but landing you’re a dream. SilverSingles doesn’t only focus on aging members but also available for other younger age groups. This SilverSingles review highlights varied aspects on how one can spice up their love life via SilverSingles dating platform. Notably, some older members on SilverSingles prefer to date younger partners to spice up their love life; hence a mix of age groups on the platform makes it ideal to suit the tastes of individuals not only from the united states but across the globe. The dating scene is becoming more challenging since ascertaining a genuine partner, especially those got via social media platforms, is difficult to verify. SilverSingles, in this regard, demystifies this fact by presenting to you an ideal situation where you can select a partner of your choice from the comfort of your home via varied options. Either through SilverSingles mobile application or website, users have an opportunity to choose to access the SilverSingles dating platform. Don’t grapple with loneliness for whatever reason. Join SilverSingles hookup platform, which guarantees you a perfect match to rekindle your love life. Read through the insights highlighted on this SilverSingles review to get varied aspects about how you can utilize SilverSingles hookup platform to revive your love life.

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